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Forgot your username or password? The events preceding the All-Star Game have a manufactured quality that often turns those two days into a weary trudge of dopey, content-free interviews, specialty uniforms and product placements. Take the 2008 Home Run Derby: It was overstuffed with gold balls and called shots, and its soundtrack was baseball players offering poor Erin Andrews minor variations on how the whole experience was awesome and the long-since-tired bluster of Chris Berman, often the last man in the stadium to know a ball is BACK…BACK…GONE! All very silly, but inconsequential compared to the sight of the Texas Rangers’ Josh Hamilton, whose life was almost destroyed by drug and alcohol addiction, standing at home plate swatting ball after ball into the night, finding distant concourses and walls rarely visited in Yankee Stadium’s history. Josh Hamilton, toast of the town. 8220;Baseballs kept disappearing,” marvels Jayson Stark on ESPN. “T...
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